Farmer’s Golf and Health Club Capital Campaign

Hello! Farmer’s Golf and Health Club would like to thank everybody who made 2020 a great year, even with what is going on in today’s world. We were blessed with great weather that allowed for more golf and tournaments. We appreciate everybody who came out and golfed or had a bite to eat!

Most of you may already know, but we are in dire need of a new irrigation system for our course. Over the last 5 years our system has been failing. This has caused our grounds crew to spend the majority of their hours fixing waterline breaks, sprinkler head leaks, and pump house failure. This has cost the course thousands of dollars per year and has not allowed our grounds crew to maintain other areas of the course. It also affected the overall condition and playability of our course. Our tee boxes, fairways, and greens are slowly dying due to lack of water making us in desperate need of a new water supply. Our current irrigation system is the original system installed in 1976. A typical irrigation system is rated to last 20 to 30 years, so our system has more than lasted its predicted life. An irrigation system is the backbone to a golf course and we are in dire need of a new one.

A new system would allow us to provide water to areas of our course that hasn’t had consistent water in years. This would improve the conditions and overall appearance of our course which would allow us to provide a premium golfing experience for our golfers. A new system would also allow our grounds crew to focus on other projects around the course. Overall, installing a new irrigation system would save FGHC thousands of dollars down the road, while increasing the golfing experience by allowing us to tackle other projects instead of continuously working on our irrigation system.
We take pride in bringing a beautiful golf course to our local community and want to be able to continue to do that as well as continue to improve our course for our golfers. The new irrigation system was quoted to us at $350,000. Due to good weather and scheduling, Midwest Irrigation started installing the irrigation system this in November and will hopefully finish early next spring. We needed to get on their schedule to get the system installed so our grass can grow for the 2021 golf season.
Being that we are a 501c4 non-profit organization, we do not have the capital to pay for this by ourselves. We need your help to make this course improvement possible. We have set up a 501c3 account with the Redwood Area Communities Foundation so any donation given is tax deductible.

On the following pages, there will be an information sheet that answers some questions you might have as well as shows the pledge levels by donation. There also will be a pledge card that can be used as a receipt for tax purposes and to verify your pledge amount and timeline. Finally, there will be a visual of a custom plasma cut sign that we will hang in the clubhouse to recognize our generous donors.
Every penny counts and we would greatly appreciate your help. Pledges can be paid up front or broken down into 3 years if that is desired. If you are willing to give please make checks payable to:

Friends of the FGHC
PO Box 307
Sanborn, MN 56083

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Deb Gode at (507)-227-9084.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of FGHC!


Why is a new Irrigation System necessary?
Our current irrigation system is the original system from when the course was opened in 1976. It has lasted over 40 years and allowed Farmer’s Golf and Health Club to have many years of a successful golfing experience. As of the last 5 years, our grounds crew has spent thousands of hours fixing water line breaks, pump house failures, and sprinkler head leaks. These problems have restricted our grounds crew from working on other projects we want to deliver to our golfers as well as cost the course thousands of dollars.

When will installation begin?
Installation of the new irrigation system and pump house will begin early December of 2020 and will pause when the ground freezes over the winter. Installation will then resume early spring in 2021. The course hopes to have the new irrigation system and pump house installed and ready for operation early May of 2021.

What is the estimated cost of a new irrigation system?
We were quoted $350,000 for a new irrigation system and pump house. This includes all labor and materials it takes to complete installation.

How will the golf club pay for the project?
FGHC will pay for the new system through proceeds from a Capital Campaign and Bank Financing.

Will the course shut down during installation?
No. The irrigation is trenched in and sod is replanted as they trench. The work shouldn’t cause any delay in play for our golfers.

Will the new irrigation system impact overall playing experience?
Yes. A new pump house will allow the irrigation system to function properly and will allow all areas of our course to get enough water to promote overall playing experience by allowing our greens, roughs, fairways and tee boxes to grow consistently.

Will the new irrigation system save the course money in the future?
Yes. After paying off the cost of the system, the new functional irrigation system will allow our grounds crew to focus on other parts of our course that members can appreciate. We will save money on not having to replace sprinkler heads, pump house motors, and save on labor hours.

How are the pledges set up?
We have set up the following pledge levels:
Par Level: $100 to $999
Birdie Level: $1000 to $2999
Eagle Level: $3000 to $5999
Albatross Level: $6000 to $9999
Hole in One Level: $10,000+
We plan on having a custom plasma cut sign that will hang in our clubhouse to thank and recognize all of those who donated to our campaign.